Communities nourish through culture!

Join the team of Timișoara 2023 Volunteers. Let's write the Timișoara 2023 Story together!

Join a young, lively, strong-willed team like you. Join as many events as you want, starting the great TIMIȘOARA 2023 adventure in January and continuing until the end of 2023.

A key role in the success of the TIMIȘOARA 2023 European Cultural Capital project is the volunteer program involving people who identify as passionate about people.

Friendship, respect, tolerance, and responsibility are the core values we believe in and are incorporated into the mission of being a TM2023 volunteer.

Being a TM2023 volunteer means being, on the one hand, an Explorer who enjoys discovering what's happening behind the scenes and on stage. On the other hand, being an Ambassador of a project through your active participation in events.

There is room for anyone who wants to write and live the joy of being part of the TIMIȘOARA 2023 story.

You can volunteer in conferences, seminars and forum organization, Community and school information campaigns, Public relations & communication activities, Assistance Production, Photo/Video, Design, Journalism, Logistics/support teams for artistic events, and General volunteer work.

Volunteering activities occur in Timisoara - the central area and/or the historic quarters- in other locations in Timiș County and online.

As a volunteer, you will receive: free training from volunteer coordinators from Japan, Italy, Greece, Serbia, and Romania, a volunteer kit and a volunteer certificate.

Are you set to join the team and live this learning experience together?